Yellow Kirby is a character in The Air Ride Series.



Yellow Kirby was a very generic character, serving the purpose of just being Blue Kirby's friend. He also took patches instead of pieces because that's original huehuehue.

Yellow Kirby was one of the first characters to be affected by the rise of the 2016 characters. Since he was a very generic kirby, and White Kirby, another basic character, took the role of being anything in comics, Yellow Kirby really started to fall in appearances.

While he appeared more than Red Kirby, Poyo Ride preferred Red as Red was very useful in instances like the giant battle comics.

Post TARSEdit


COD Yellow Kirby edition.

After TARS ended, Poyo Ride found an old image of a game called "COD, Yellow Kirby Edition". This gave him the idea of Yellow Kirby having a massive ego and always making ripoff products.


Yellow Kirby's prime year was easily 2014, in which he didn't have to compete with the non air ride character. In 2015 he started to be less common, though around Comic 45, it was planned for Yellow Kirby to appear more often than Blue Kirby. In 2016, he was demoted to a minor character who didn't appear often.


Total: 32 (Comic 25 and Comic 47 were not counted towards the total, as those feature GKAR and TAOYK Yellow Kirby)

Yellow Kirby has appeared in 16% of the TARS comics.


Trivia Edit

  • The reason why Yellow Kirby and Red Kirby were chosen to be the sidekick kirbys is because Poyo Ride is lazy. This way, he doesn't have to change the CPU's colors each time he pretends to do a TARS match. All he has to do is swap colors once, as White is at the back of the color lineup, and he's good to go, as the default CPU colors are Yellow, Blue, and Red.


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