Yellow Kirby is the main character of Air Ride Adventures.


Yellow Kirby is basically the ARA version of White Kirby. These characters are very similar. Both are generic kirbies used to fill any role in a comic.

Kidsy ARAEdit

When Kidsy128 got control of ARA, Yellow Kirby got one of the biggest changes out of all the kirbies, rivaling Purple Kirby. According to Poyo Ride, Yellow Kirby was supposed to be in his late teens/early 20's in his ARA. However, Kidsy128 dropped his age to around 9-10. Yellow is now a "silly little funball," according to Kidsy. Poyo Ride doesn't mind too much, as he gave Kidsy the series, and it is making Yellow more unique.


Back in the TARS days, Poyo Ride put in the trivia section a piece of information that said that if he were to change White Kirby's color, he would make it yellow, due to Yellow being the most common color in the kirby games.

When ARA was in it's early stages, a new main kirby would need to take Yellow's place. However, Yellow wasn't the first choice. Poyo Ride actually changed his mind and wanted to go with Green Kirby as the main kirby. However, Green Kirby was already used as the main character for Green Kirby Air Ride. This caused Poyo Ride to switch to Yellow Kirby. While TAOYK already used Yellow as the main character, the series has been really inactive, so Poyo went for it anyways.



  • According to Poyo Ride, he would NOT have made Yellow Kirby the main character of ARA today.


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