—Yellow Devil.

The Yellow Devil is a minor character in The Air Ride Series. The Yellow Devil was a character dating back all the way to 2014. However, he made a minor comeback near the very end of the series, albeit nowhere near to the extent of Kirby's comeback. His first comic appearance was actually extremely late into the series, despite being one of the characters introduced in 2014.


The Yellow Devil is similar to the Assbots. He is an extremely annoying and hated robot made by Dr. Wily. He has the world's most annoying attack pattern. It is impossible to defeat the Yellow Devil in TARS. He always attacks with the same pattern, until someone memorizes it. He will then switch the pattern up.


Total: 3

Yellow Devil has appeared in 1.5% of all the comics.


Yellow Devil was a boss in the Wily Castle stage, behaving similarly to how he did in SSB4. However, his attack pattern was drastically slowed down, to match the way he moves in the actual games. He was planned to be playable in Expansion Pack 1, but was never officially added into the game.


The Yellow Devil was mentioned in the May 4, 2018 image. He was deconfirmed to reprise his role as a stage boss, due to M.U.G.E.N.'s stage limitations. 

HOWEVER, the very next day, it was revealed that instead of being a boss, he was actually a playable newcomer fighter in the game. (Being in SMSB 3's expansion packs doesn't count) Yellow Devil was the first newcomer revealed for the game, and was revealed considerably early, before several main characters got revealed. He's been shrunk down considerably, now being the size of Mega Man. 

His battlefield from Mega Man 1 will appear as a stage in the game. Wily Castle, the stage he was fought on in the original SMSB and Super Smash Bros. will also appear.


  • The Yellow Devil is notoriously the last character to appear in the series, bonus comics aside.
  • Yellow Devil is the first character confirmed for SMSB M.U.G.E.N. who was from a franchise that already had a TARS character from the same franchise confirmed for the game.
  • The final of the Miss Robot Models is based after him.