TARS's best losers
Top 10 worst TARS characters is a sheet made describing the ten worst characters in TARS, made by Poyo Ride


Golden KirbyEdit

Golden Kirby is disliked because he should have been an "expansion pack" to Blue Kirby, as the two are very similar.

Iggy KoopaEdit

Iggy is disliked because he is the complete opposite of how he acts in Mario games.


Disliked because his "trilogy" of comics was never finished, and was also bland.


Disliked because he is a bland villain who took Brown Kirby's appearances.


Disliked because they are bland and only have one trait that makes them different from the other animatronics.


Disliked because he was taken from a youtube series and put into TARS.

Lucario SinnohEdit

Disliked for being bland, having a name Poyo dislikes, and old wiki edits.

Quick ManEdit

Disliked because he didn't have a personality


Poyo Ride dislikes him because he's a Mega Man knockoff and has called him one of the gayest characters in the series.

Bowser Jr.Edit

Disliked for being bland and his tragic backstory he once had. TARS is not for tragic backstories.