Throwaway Characters are characters in The Air Ride Series who do not appear in any comics or stories, and have pages that just "exist" on the wiki.

List of throwaway charactersEdit

The KoopalingsEdit

The koopa kids are annoying

The Koopaling's artwork from New Super Mario Bros. U.

The Koopalings were all characters in TARS who only had a page on the wiki. All 7 koopalings had minor personalities.

Larry KoopaEdit

Larry brags about being the hardest boss in the entire game, even though he's actually the easiest.

Morton Koopa Jr.Edit

Morton is the idiot of the group, always harming his allies.

Wendy O. KoopaEdit

Wendy's section is marked with "TBA". Kidsy128 made the TBA link to Shadow Kirby because reasons.

Iggy KoopaEdit

Iggy was the leader of the group. He was generally the calm koopaling. Iggy is one of Poyo Ride's least favorite TARS characters, as his TARS personality is the exact opposite of his personality in the Mario games. On June 21, 2017, Poyo Ride went on the TARS wiki and removed that line of text, including "No" as the summary.

Roy KoopaEdit

Roy always destroys stuff

Lemmy KoopaEdit

Lemmy is blind and is usually walking into walls.

Ludwig Von KoopaEdit

Ludwig always got annoyed by the annoying characters, with Pink Kirby being cited as the example. The page also stated he didn't hate mean characters, such as Dyna Blade, just the annoying characters.

The Rejected Character GroupEdit

Im running out of ideas

Slightly Lighter Shade of Blue Kirby

The rejected character group was an idea for a group of characters that Poyo Ride and GreenKirby121098 came up with on Poyo Ride's birthday. According to an edit summary, the characters were inspired by Kidsy128.

Slightly Lighter Shade of Blue KirbyEdit

Slightly Lighter Shade of Blue Kirby is the exact same character as Blue Kirby. The only difference is that he is a slightly lighter shade of blue than Blue Kirby. However, this claim is actually false. If one compared his artwork to Blue Kirby's art at the time, he is actually slightly darker than regular Blue Kirby. He is the leader of the rejected characters

Slightly More Evil Brown KirbyEdit

Dyna Blades Wing
Slightly More Evil Brown Kirby is slightly more evil than Brown Kirby.

Dyna Blade with a bigger right wingEdit

Dyna Blade wigh a bigger right wing is very similar to Dyna Blade, except her left wing is much bigger than usual. Like Slightly Lighter Shade of Blue Kirby, her name contradicts her appearance, as her left wing is much bigger than her right wing. This was done as these characters were supposed to be stupid.

Racist White KirbyEdit

This version of White Kirby is racist towards everyone.

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