The three characters who benefited the most from the shuffle.

The 2016 Character Shuffle was an event in The Air Ride Series that happened around April 2016, and had a massive effect on the year. Many old TARS Characters declined in appearances, in favor of newer characters. While each of the three main benefiters were introduced in different years, (MTT: 2016, Miss Robot: 2015, Kirby: 2014) they still managed to become 2016's most recurring characters. School comics also became abundant during 2016, and most of the benefiters were school characters.

Characters affectedEdit

Major BenefitEdit

Decent BenefitEdit


  • Dyna Blade (Dyna Blade rarely appeared in school comics, and still maintained her appearance amount during 2016)
  • Minor Characters before 2016
  • Throwaway Characters

Minor effectEdit

  • White Kirby (While he still maintained his role as a generic character used for many different reasons, he did drop in appearances during school comics. Notably, Comic 131 marked his first absence. Out of all the characters who declined in appearances, White was one of the least affected.)
  • Blue Kirby

Major EffectEdit