—Stadium Prediction

The Stadium Prediction is a character in The Air Ride Series. 


Stadium Prediction is usually predicting the stadiums in City Trial. In Air Ride, he sometimes lies. In TARS, he is always lying about the stadium. Sometimes, it's obvious he's lying. He also announces events as well. He is usually yelling and is considered very annoying by the kirbies.


  • When announcing an event in TARS, he still says "STADIUM PREEEEEEEDICTION", despite the fact he is not predicting the stadium.
  • Stadium Prediction was planned to get a face reveal on either February 23 or June 11 of a random year. (These dates being the anniversary of Blue Kirby taking the piece from Poyo Ride (Which is the said date, not the official date, as Poyo Ride forgot.)  and the date the TARS wiki opened up.) Due to TARS being cancelled, he will get a face reveal in the MWOR/TARS crossover, which should be in 2017.
    • Poyo Ride has said he is a kirby in 2014, and in 2017 he still stands by this claim.
  • Despite rarely appearing in comics and stories, whenever Poyo Ride plays air ride and pretends all the characters from TARS are talking, Stadium Prediction is a very common character, and appears way more often than he does in real TARS. The same is true for Pink Kirby.
  • The Stadium Predictions are Poyo Ride's least favorite event. (If you want to call it one) Poyo Ride says they are a boring waste of events, aren't always accurate, and half the time, Poyo presets the stadium, and Stadium Prediction still predicts the stadium.

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