"I wanted to be a character in the comics, but you guys were too busy with "pieces". I've been in the shadows since Comic 1, and now it is time I take over Crappy Town, haahhahaha.
      —Silver Kirby

Silver Kirby is a character in The Air Ride Series. He was the first kirby to be confirmed for the kirby boom, though he did not have a personality at that time.


In TARS, Silver Kirby is a background character, who is usually peering from the edge, looking at the events of the comic. In Comic 99, he reveals he wanted to be a character in the series, and decides to take over Crappy Town.

Silver Kirby did have an incomplete story made, but was largely forgotten about after Comic 99, and did not appear in the last 100 comics, aside from a cameo in Comic 101, making Comic 100 his final appearance. This is due to the fact he already revealed himself in Comic 99, so why would he appear in the background again.



Silver Kirby has appeared in 14.000000000000002% of the comics.


  • Silver Kirby is identical to Golden Kirby from Green Kirby Air Ride, as they're both background characters who peer in from the edge.
  • Silver Kirby's true intentions were on the wiki before Comic 99 was released.
  • Silver Kirby originally did not have a personality when first revealed, but was later made the background character after GKAR Golden Kirby was added.
  • Silver Kirby is seen talking to Dr. Wily in Comic 12. This makes Wily the only character to know of this character's existance until Comic 99.
  • In Comic 25, Silver Kirby is not peering from the background from the corner, resulting in him appearing away from the edge, without having hands.
  • In Comic 33, part of Silver Kirby is cut off, making him look like a moon.
  • Silver Kirby appears in the fourth Granny Torrelli comic, in the line for Granny Torrelli's drugs. He asks the audience if he's in the right series.