Comics that were originally going to be made.

Comic 190: Flood DevistationEdit

The original comic 190 revolved around Kyogre flooding the world or something I dunno Blue Kirby probably would've drowned again. Deleted wiki edits show that it was renamed to Da Big Ass Flood before being scrapped. Yellow Devil was also apparently supposed to be Comic 190.

Comic 184: Five Nights at Freddy's Sister LocationEdit

Originally, Comic 184 was going to be about the recently released FNAF Sister Location.

Contemporary Musicians Edit

In this comic, Kirby lists off some modern musicians, none of which being modern. This comic was never made because Poyo Ride was lazy. When TARS was cancelled, it was mere weeks before this comic idea would've been a year old.

Comic 201-205Edit

The TARS farewell message said TARS would end at Comic 205, which never happened. There were Comics for 201, 202, and 203.

VS Antasma XEdit

There was a comic planned early in TARS where the kirbies fight against Antasma X, but was postponed because Poyo Ride didn't want Antasma X to be fought too early in TARS, and wanted to wait until the comics got into the hundreds. As the Antasma Trilogy slowly faded out, this comic was never made.

More Antasma Trilogy comicsEdit

There were going to be more comics about the Antasma Trilogy. Despite the name, there were going to be more than three comics in the series.

Zeekeeper and Giant Bowser battlesEdit

Late into TARS, giant battle comics from Mario and Luigi: Dream Team were made. The Zeekeeper and Giant Bowser didn't get any due to TARS's cancellation.

More Stage Cons ComicsEdit

Planned comics include

  • Gerudo Valley
  • Every side scrolling stage ever
  • Wily Castle
  • Gaur Plain

Ocarina of Time Dungeon ComicsEdit

If Poyo Ride got Ocarina of Time during TARS's lifespan, he would make a comic for each dungeon in the game, which didn't happen. This happened in MWOR for the first dungeon.

Fighter Ballot ComicEdit

A comic about the fighter ballot was planned to be made a few days before the winner was revealed.