Ridley is a character in The Air Ride Series, originating from Metroid. Ridley was added the day after the SSB4 50 Fact Direct, which deconfirmed Ridley as a playable character in Super Smash Bros 4.


Ridley's entire personality revolves around the fact he was not included in Smash 4, and how many people called him too big for the game. Ridley always yells about how he is not big and should be in the game. His main rival is Masahiro Sakurai. 


  • According to a trivia edit on the old wiki, Ridley is Dyna Blade's cousin.
  • Ridley is very similar to Orange Kirby, as both are constantly whining about how they didn't appear in a certain game. 
  • During comics 21-30, Ridley had a bad track record with comic appearances. He appeared in Comic 23 and Comic 25, then appearing up until Comic 30. Ridley was not supposed to appear that much but did anyways. After comic 30, his appearance rate declined.
  • For some odd reason, Ridley was put in the city trial character group.