Red Kirby is a character in The Air Ride Series.


Red Kirby, like all of the TARS Kirbies, is a very generic character, only being White Kirby's friend. He apparently doesn't mind when White Kirby takes his patches. He was also the rival to Yellow Kirby. Purple Kirby also rivaled him, as since Red usually got last, Purple always tried to beat him, and developed a rivalry with him.

He is apparently the worst kirby out of the main four skill wise, but a master top rider.

He gained a new trait late into TARS, in which he sometimes fools around in air ride, and randomly flies in with his star during an important battle, and also says random things. An example is in Kirby Annotation Ride 2, part of a series by Poyo Ride about TARS, where he flies in out of nowhere during the battle where White first loses his star. [1] Unlike the new traits White Kirby and Green Kirby got, this trait actually appeared in TARS, though it was only in the aforementioned Kirby Annotation Ride 2.

According to an old edit, his family were great star mechanics.



Red Kirby's guard

Red Kirby appeared in all three of the original SMSB rosters, due to his status as a main character.

On May 8, 2018, he was confirmed to appear in SMSB M.U.G.E.N. as a returning fighter as well. He was the fifth character to be revealed, the second Kirby revealed, and the first character who had their guard shown off. He was never mentioned by name in the tweet revealing him or the clarifacation tweet, but it's pretty obvious he's a playable character.


  • While not an offensive move, his guard attack is notable in that he brings out a shield to defend himself with. This is no ordinary shield. This shield is actually the shield that was used by Red Kirby in Comic 74: Destruction Derby. The shield was originally white and held out farther away from Red Kirby, but it was redesigned to be more accurate to its comic appearance.

Appearances Edit

Total: 37

Red Kirby has appeared in 18.5% of comics.



  • According to Poyo Ride, Red Kirby was much more useful than Yellow Kirby as a character, due to the giant battle comics.
  • The reason why Yellow Kirby and Red Kirby were chosen to be the sidekick kirbys is because Poyo Ride is lazy. This way, he doesn't have to change the CPU's colors each time he pretends to do a TARS match. All he has to do is swap colors once, as White is at the back of the color lineup, and he's good to go, as the default CPU colors are Yellow, Blue, and Red.
  • A fan made Comic 38 remake included a drawing of Red Kirby that made Poyo Ride laugh his ass off.
  • Red Kirby is the reason for the original TARS wiki's red color, as the buttons, links, header, and body were all colored to match TARS's main four kirbies. However, Yellow is not represented as the header part was removed.
  • Two seprate instances occured where White Kirby was listed as Red's main rival instead of Yellow Kirby, including on the first revision of the page.
  • Red Kirby once got his own week due to his lack of usage in TARS. The only thing that happened there was that he appeared in the comic 2 remake instead of Green Kirby.
  • Red Kirby is Poyo Ride's favorite kirby to play as in air ride available from the start of the game.
  • Interestingly, despite being prominently said to be the least recurring of the main four kirbies, Red Kirby has appeared in more comics than Yellow Kirby.