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Does Dyna Blade (From The Air Ride Series) Like You?Edit

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Oops you lose.

This is a personality quiz where you can find out whether or not Dyna Blade is a fan of you. There are three possible results, Dyna Blade liking you, Dyna Blade kinda liking you, Dyna Blade hating you, and Poyo Ride liking you.


Bolded answers count towards Dyna Blade liking you. Italic answers count towards Poyo Ride liking you. Underlined counts towards Dyna Blade kinda liking you. If it's red, it counts towards no. Any combination of these four means that the choice counts towards more than one answer, depending on which are combined. (EX: Italic and Red means that the answer counts towards both Poyo Ride liking you and Dyna Blade hating you.)

If you could cause a terrorist attack right now, would you?Edit

  • Yes 
  • No

Do you like Kirby?Edit

  • Yaya
  • No, I hate Kirby
  • I don't play Kirby.

What do you like to do while driving?Edit

  • Focus on the Road.
  • Crash into other cars.
  • Text/Drink
  • I am not old enough to drive/I have not drove a car yet.

Favorite Pokemon?Edit

  • Any bird Pokemon (Such as Ho-oh or Talonflame)
  • Jigglypuff line/Clefairy line/Ditto/Hoppip (This answer doesn't count towards anything.)
  • Other

What Do You Do During School?Edit

  • Pull Down the Fire Alarm and Start Food Fights
  • Pay attention to the teacher.
  • Hack Miss Robot

What would you do when the UFO spawns in the city?Edit

  • Trample It, It's Dyna Blade's turn to have her event!
  • Tell Shadow Star to get his ass off the UFO.
  • Ignore it and run into walls with the CPU players.
  • Get the patches on it.
  • What are you talking about?

Which character is this?Edit

  • Dyna Blade's Boyfriend.
  • Dyna Blade!
  • Freddy Fazbear
  • Freddy Fazbear, that stupid bear that should be trampled!
  • F*cky A$$bear
  • Omg, that's freddy. I love FNaF!

Who should be the U.S. President?

  • Donald Trump
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Bernie Sanders
  • Pink Sheep
  • Sans
  • Dyna Blade

This question has the most answers that count towards NO.

Favorite Undertale Character?Edit

  • Flowey the Flower
  • Chara
  • Reaper Bird
  • Other.

Which Character is this?Edit

  • ridley is too big
  • Dyna Blade
  • Ridley
  • Uhhhhhh

What Do You Do When You Witness Someone Being Bullied?Edit

  • Tell the bully to stop/Tell the Teacher
  • Fight the bully.
  • Eat the bully
  • Eat the victim
  • Eat the school
  • Trample the Bully
  • Trample the victim
  • Join in on the bullying.

This question has the most answers that count towards "Yes."

Which Character is This?Edit

  • Vector.
  • Dyna Blade.
  • Dyna Blade's Boyfriend.
  • King K. Rool
  • King K. Rool. They should put him in Smash.
  • King K. Rool. Put Dyna Blade in Smash.


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