Purple Kirby is a character in The Air Ride Series. He is one of the main eight kirbies, and the least used.


Purple Kirby is some random kirby who wants to be the very best or something. This personality trait was never used, ever. Without this trait, Purple was just a generic kirby with no traits, except for the fact his favorite star was basically referenced the most out of any of the kirbies. This is a similar situation with Green Kirby. Unlike Green Kirby, and some of the bland kirbies in the Main 4, Purple rarely got used. As stated above, he was possibly the least used out of the main kirbies, being absent for the entirety of 2016.

Poyo Ride started to dislike Purple Kirby, and in September 2016, posted a comment on his article asking people if they had ideas for a new trait for Purple. On October 31st, Purple Kirby was cut from the series, replaced by a New Purple Kirby. Purple was the first kirby in TARS to be replaced.