Pink Kirby is a character in The Air Ride Series.


Pink Kirby is a spoiled brat who entered air ride at the age of four. She is very picky and whiny and only likes certain stars. The stars she likes are usually easy to control. The four stars she will use are the compact star, warp star, winged star, and the Shadow Star. She hates stars that are not these four, because those stars have a higher learning curve. Pink Kirby is also the sister of Yellow Kirby.


Pink Kirby possibly has the least amount of appearances out of the main eight kirbies in comics. She also never got her artwork updated from the 2015 artwork. However she was never swapped out, unlike Green Kirby and Purple Kirby. Poyo Ride says it is because Pink has the most unique personality out of the eight kirbies. However, Kirby also existed. Kirby has been around since the early days of TARS and coexisted with Pink Kirby. In his first appearance he had different eyes but later gained the generic TARS kirby eyes. During Kirby's prime, Pink Kirby started to make less appearances, to the point of never appearing, but was never cut in favor of Kirby.

According to Poyo Ride, Pink Kirby was actually the most common of the minor kirbies in the Kirby Air Ride Matches, despite never appearing in Kirby Annotation Ride. These types of matches were never filmed by Poyo Ride.

Poyo Ride's current thoughts on the characterEdit

Despite being the least common of the main eight kirbies, Pink Kirby is the most unique out of all of them, so Poyo Ride likes her. Despite this, Pink Kirby's personality was stale and due to the underusage she should have been swapped out. It is unknown who she would have swapped out with if TARS went on longer and Pink Kirby was cut out. It is very likely the kirby in question would be Kirby, who at the time of Purple Kirby's swap, was appearing as much as White Kirby, who was originally considered the main character. Kirby possibly appeared even more times than White Kirby in 2016 at that point. Instead of being replaced, Pink Kirby could be cut out of the series, and Kirby would take her place in the air ride matches.