—Orange Kirby in Comic

Orange Kirby is a kirby appearing in The Air Ride Series and Air Ride Adventures, despite not appearing in the original Kirby Air Ride. He is the most recurring kirby in ARA not to be playable in Kirby Air Ride, while in TARS that title is taken by Silver Kirby.


Orange Kirby, due to not making the cut for Kirby Air Ride, is always complaining that he did not make the cut for Kirby Air Ride. He dislikes the kirbies that aren't basic colors, meaning that he dislikes Pink Kirby, Purple Kirby, Brown Kirby, and White Kirby, especially the latter two, as he thinks he should have been priority. He is friends with other kirbies who did not make the cut for Kirby Air Ride, such as Black Kirby, Grey Kirby, Beige Kirby, Slightly Lighter Shade of Blue Kirby, and Rainbow Kirby.

Due to his constant whining, he is disliked by many of the kirbies.



  • Like Brown Kirby, Orange Kirby was outshadowed by a character not from Air Ride with a very similar personality.
  • Orange Kirby is the first character Poyo Ride proclaimed as his favorite character in TARS, which was back in 2014.
  • For some reason, Orange Kirby managed to make the cut for one of kirby's two new alternate costumes in SSB4, instead of Purple Kirby or Brown Kirby, who both appeared more often than him in actual kirby games.
  • Orange Kirby was terminated on facebook before White Kirby for unknown reasons. Unlike White Kirby, this was not a big deal, as White Kirby was the leader of the air ride group.