Nightmare is a minor character in The Air Ride Series. He was the main antagonist of the Fright to da Finish trilogy. (Comics 153, 154, and 155.)


Nightmare wants to take over Planet Poopstar. He runs a company where he makes monsters. He is the one responsible for the creation of Bill Cipher, Flowey the Flower, Ridley, Cloudass, DJ Octavio, and apparently, the Devil. Just because he's a threatening wizard doesn't mean people actually fear him. Everyone in Crappy Town disrespects him, and they call him eNeMeE, much to his dismay. His business is going bankrupt as well, so it sucks to be Nightmare.

His only appearance was in Fright to da Finish, a trilogy of comics where a gang tries to stop Nightmare because his fortress was blocking planets, and Dyna Blade couldn't shoot them down. He first appears in Comic 154, the second comic in the trilogy, where he attacks White Kirby and sends Flowey the Flower, his newest monster, to attack the kirbies. Unfortunately, Flowey is run over by a lawn mower and Nightmare flees. After shutting out some solicitors, he sends Cloudass after the heroes. He attempts to do a sneak attack, but is caught by Orange Kirby. Nightmare is defeated after getting poked in the tornado.


Total: 2 Nightmare has appeared in 1% of the TARS comics.


  • In the comics, Nightmare notably swaps between his two different cloaks from Nightmare in Dreamland & Mass Attack.
  • Nightmare is the only Throwaway Character to have been revived for the series without becoming a throwaway character again.