"Oh Boy, a yummy box!"
      —Purple Kirby

Purple Kirby is a Kirby in The Air Ride Series and Air Ride Adventures. He is one of three kirbies to appear in both.


Purple Kirby was introduced into TARS on October 31, 2016, being the first kirby to replace another, as the original Purple Kirby was super bland. Unlike the Green swap, Poyo Ride thinks this swap was a good idea. He first appeared in Comic 188, but TARS was cancelled and the new Purple was not originally chosen to be brought back.

However, Purple Kirby returned for ARA, replacing the original Purple Kirby again. 


Purple Kirby is an idiotic Kirby. He's usually eating boxes and riding stars off of cliffs.


  • Kidsy128 had a known hate for Purple Kirby, changing his page to make the character "better", and begging Poyo Ride to kill off the character. Purple Kirby was also called TARS2! Purple by Kidsy128When Kidsy got the series, Purple Kirby was changed into an unlucky kirby.
    • Poyo Ride says that he thought Purple would be changed into a smart shitposter, Kidsy's original idea.
  • Purple Kirby was never added to the ARA Smash roster.