Green Kirby is a character in The Air Ride Series, and one of the main 8 kirbies.


Green Kirby is an old kirby who is always complaining. 

Addition to the seriesEdit

Green Kirby was made to replace the older Green Kirby, who was a bland character never expanded upon. Unlike the Purple swap, Poyo Ride does not agree on the Green swap. Green was swapped out 11 days before TARS would be cancelled, giving him little time to insert himself into the cast, though Poyo Ride says TARS was never intended to end, so when Green was added into the roster, he technically had a lot of time to become a main character. He got his own comic and appeared in the final comic. 

Green Kirby's addition was during a time when comic quality was severely dropping due to the fact Poyo Ride was switching drawing programs. He also got added when the series was rapidly shifting back into an air ride series, meaning Green was added during an unstable time of TARS.

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