"Miss Robot 18.0. is one of various Miss Robots. (why am I still making these things?)"
      —This quote from The Air Ride Group Wiki sums them up the best.
Miss Robot Models are a group of characters in The Air Ride Series.


Miss Robot models tend to be very similar to Miss Robot, all of them retaining her trademark dopey face, but all have one minor trait added to them that makes them a "completely different character!" For example, 3.0. can shapeshift, 6.0. has every job in the world, and 16.0. is a bee.

They always are a different color as well, to distinguish them from the original Miss Robot. To date only Miss Robot 17.0. retains Miss Robot's classic orange color, but her red outlines set her apart from the original. Since there's a limited supply of colors in the world, and Miss Robot model numbers kept on increasing, the Miss Robot Models were eventually forced to start recycling colors.

Color recycling started occurring during Wave 1.5., the intermission wave between school years when 12.0. and 13.0. were created. 12.0. reused blue while 13.0. reused red. However, a smart move was made by changing the SHADE of the color, making 12.0. have a darker blue body while 13.0. was more of a "Maroon" Miss Robot. Once Wave 2, the second half of Miss Robot Models started, color shades stopped being changed and the models simply started reusing colors. Miss Robot 14.0. was the first to officially reuse a color, using 8.0.'s white body. Usually, if two models end up repeating a color, they will have another major difference in design, such as 22.0.'s beard and 14.0.'s different body type, to avoid confusion.

Most of them are very minor characters, a majority of them not appearing in comics. Comic 171: The Olympics and Comic 186: Miss Robot Models were the two comics that introduced various Miss Robot models, with the latter dedicated to introducing them.


In December 2015, Poyo Ride's friend, who was a part of the school comics, showed him his notebook with the words "Miss Robot 2.0." on it, inspiring the idea for Miss Robot variations. Apparently, Poyo's friend wanted 2.0. to look drastically different from the original model, but Poyo Ride simply opted to color swap Miss Robot.


Miss RobotEdit

Miss Robot 1.0., more commonly referred to as Miss Robot, is the main Miss Robot model, and one of 2016's main characters. She does not have any unique traits in terms of Miss Robots.

Miss Robot 2.0.Edit

Miss Robot 2.0.
Miss Robot 2.0. is the first Miss Robot model. She is one of the least different models. She is basically a rival to Miss Robot. She has some upgrades, such as a jetpack and being waterproof. She always brags about being better than Miss Robot.

Her color is blue, which is the opposite of orange on the color spectrum. However, according to Poyo Ride, this was unintentional.

Miss Robot 3.0.Edit

Miss Robot 3.0. can shapeshift into any object she wants. Her color is red.

She is one of the few Miss Robots added to SMSB.

Miss Robot 4.0.Edit

Miss Robot 4.0. is the biggest Miss Robot. She commonly runs over the school on accident. Her color is green.

Miss Robot 4.0. also is the only Miss Robot aside from the first to appear in more than one comic. (She is one of two to get more than one appearance if one counts 6.0.'s mention to be an appearance.) She also used to be Poyo Ride's favorite model during TARS's lifespan. Once again, this excludes the original.

Miss Robot 5.0.Edit

Miss Robot 5.0. is the exact opposite of Miss Robot 4.0. She is the smallest Miss Robot, and usually builds cities in the vents. Her color is yellow.

Due to her unique size, she was put into SMSB's third revised roster. It is unconfirmed if she is going to appear when the game gets its M.U.G.E.N. port.

Miss Robot 6.0.Edit

Miss Robot 6.0. has every job known to man. Name a job, she has it. Her color is purple. 

She was one of the few Miss Robots to appear in a comic, appearing as the announcer for the olympic games. She was also the first Miss Robot model aside from the first two to appear in a comic. She was also mentioned before her first appearance.

Miss Robot 7.0.Edit

Miss Robot 7.0. is the worst Miss Robot, as the school made her at the same time as Miss Robot 8.0. and blew all the budget on 8.0. Her color is brown.

Miss Robot 8.0.Edit

Miss Robot 8.0. is the opposite of Miss Robot 7.0. and is the best Miss Robot. She is stronger, faster, and overall better than any other Miss Robot. She was also immune to being hacked, until Kirby broke her hackproof device. Her color is white, but unlike other Miss Robots, her wheel is blue. She is the first Miss Robot who has a wheel that changes color from the traditional black.

Miss Robot 9.0.Edit

Miss Robot 9.0. is constantly changing colors, hurting the eyes of everyone. She is also known as "disco Miss Robot" by Poyo Ride's friend.

Miss Robot 10.0.Edit

Miss Robot 10.0. is the evil Miss Robot. She is always doing evil things. Her signature color is black. Like the previous two models, her wheel is a different color, in this case it's red.

She is one of the few Miss Robots in SMSB.

Miss Robot 11.0.Edit

Miss Robot 11.0. is commonly singing highly inappropriate songs in the school. 

Her signature color is pink, and she also has black hair similar to Mettaton's hair. After three models deviating from the traditional wheel color, 11.0. returns to the black wheel.

She is the only Miss Robot the original likes, as her songs are good. She is also the last model from Wave 1, since she was the last model made that school year.

She is one of the few Miss Robots to appear in a comic, appearing in Comic 186. However, she is the only new model in that comic not to be the focus of a section, instead interrupting Miss Robot 13.0.'s section.

Miss Robot 12.0.Edit

Miss Robot 12.0. is obsessed with sports and very competitive. She always likes one team per sport and hates hockey.

She was the first Miss Robot made after the 2015/16 school year and one of the two made during summer 2016. She is also the first to reuse a color, being blue like Miss Robot 2.0. However, it is a different shade of blue, and looks different from Miss Robot 2.0.'s shade of blue.

12.0. and 13.0. are in wave 1.5., as they were made over the summer. 

12.0. was the only Miss Robot to be teased before reveal.

Miss Robot 13.0.Edit

Miss Robot 13.0. is unlucky, always having her house fall down and tripping over bombs. She also opens umbrella indoors, and owns tons of black cats. Her unluckiness is a reference to how she is the thirteenth Miss Robot, and 13 is a number associated with bad luck. She reuses the color red, though it's more similar to Miss Robot 3.0.'s shade of red. She is also one of the few models to appear in a comic.

12.0. and 13.0. are in wave 1.5., as they were made over the summer.

Miss Robot 14.0.Edit

Miss Robot 14.0. is a ghost and often possesses objects to cause chaos in the school.

She was inspired by Poyo's reading teacher always having his projector roll up randomly during class. While this was very likely a faulty projector, Poyo Ride blamed it on a ghost, and got the idea for Miss Robot 14.0.

Miss Robot 14.0. was Poyo Ride's favorite out of all of the Miss Robots. She is also one of the two Miss Robots to appear in a comic and in SMSB, aside from the first two. She is white, like Miss Robot 8.0.

She is the first Miss Robot of wave 2.

Miss Robot 15.0.Edit

Miss Robot 15.0. was made by Poyo's friend.

The original Miss Robot 15.0. image was shown to Poyo Ride after a P.E. class by his friend. It looked... weird. However, it was still accepted as the Miss Robot 15.0. But, it was never published to the wiki, even after the TARS cancellation, making this character's only impact on the series to bump up the numbers of every following Miss Robot by one.

However, one day, Miss Robot 15.0.'s image just so happened to unexpectedly appear in a pile of papers.

Miss robot 15.0. 3

Recreation of the original drawing of Miss Robot 15.0. Notably, it strays away from Poyo's Friend's detailed preferences when drawing Miss Robots and tries to be more accurate to 2016 artwork. The top left box is brown despite being unlabeled in the original drawing and the 9 square defaults to yellow.

Miss Robot 15.0. defenitaly looks weird and indescribable. She is an amalgamation of Miss Robots. Her body consists of multiple squares. Instead of the standard square head and rectangle body, Miss Robot 15.0.'s head consists of four squares, while her body has 6 squares, the one labelled 6 mysteriously being detatched. Notably, this Miss Robot has four eyes, likely from the original parts, and also three mouth pieces. Notably, each square is numbered. According to Poyo Ride, each square number signals the color of that square, the color being determined by which Miss Robot model was that color. For example, the square labelled "1" is orange because Miss Robot 1.0. has an orange body, "2" is blue like Miss Robot, etc. A sticky note appears on one square asking "What's This?"

The original image also notably has detailed features in contrast to the simplistic bodies of the other Miss Robot Models. Her wheel looks more like a traditional wheel than just a stick, there is an antenna on the side of her head, and her arms are slightly more detailed, being compared to the arms of Mettaton by Poyo Ride. These deviations are due to Poyo's Friends different and more detailed take on Miss Robot. It was confirmed he drew Miss Robot with an antenna. Also of note, she is the only Miss Robot to feature a neck.

Due to being given zero backstory during TARS, Poyo Ride has decided that Miss Robot 15.0. relates to the spare Miss Robot gag from Comic 123 and Miss Robot Fun. If you didn't know, every time a Miss Robot goes kaboom, a new Miss Robot activates from the school basement to take her place, and memory and consciousness is retained throughout each Miss Robot. Miss Robot 15.0.'s body comprises of parts from the spare Miss Robots in the school basement, because the school ran out of budget to make Miss Robots.

Miss Robot 7.0.'s color is not labelled anywhere on the drawing, but in the recreation, the top left box, which is not labelled, is brown to include 7.0.

Miss Robot 16.0.Edit

Miss Robot 16.0. is a bee. She always stings people.

She is yellow and black, like a bee. Irionically, he is small like the first yellow miss robot, and has wings like the first black Miss Robot.

Despite her character trait, she lacks a visible stinger.

Miss Robot 17.0.Edit

Miss Robot 17.0. has fire powers. Unfortunately for the building, she can't control them. She randomly breathes fire and burns the school down. You can't hack her to breathe fire, as it's random, making her one of the least hacked Miss Robots.

She is one of two Miss Robots to appear in a comic and in SMSB. In SMSB, whenever you try and attack, nothing happens. However, the attacks randomly go off after being inputted.

She is the only Miss Robot model to have orange as her primary color. She uses red outlines to distinguish her from the original Miss Robot.

Miss Robot 18.0.Edit

Miss Robot 18.0. has ice powers. She can control them, so the kids hack her to freeze the school.

She was originally going to be a clone of Miss Robot 17.0., but was made a bit different. Her artwork is also a recolor of Miss Robot 17.0.'s artwork.

Her signature color is light blue. She is the first and only Miss Robot of wave 2 to have a unique color, if Miss Robot 16.0.'s color mix is not counted.

Miss Robot 19.0.Edit

Miss Robot 19.0. is super fast, and has electric powers. Her signature color is yellow.

Miss Robot 20.0.Edit

Miss Robot 20.0. is a vampire who can poison people.

No artwork exists, but Poyo Ride says she was purple. 

Miss Robot 21.0.Edit

Miss Robot 21.0. is a Pokemon Trainer. Her signature color is light blue. She was made by Poyo's friend.

Miss Robot 22.0.Edit

Miss Robot 22.0. is a caveman. She always uses old things the cavemen used and speaks in grunts. Her signature color is light blue. She also appeared in Comic 186.

Miss Robot 23.0.Edit

Miss Robot 23.0. is a bomb. Her fuse is always lit by kiddies. She isn't usually hacked. Her color is black.

Miss Robot 24.0.Edit

Kill me
Miss Robot 24.0. is based on the Yellow Devil, always doing the ball pattern in the hallways. Her signature color is yellow. She was the last model made during TARS's lifespan. 

Other "Models"Edit

These models were either made after the series was cancelled, or are characters similar to Miss Robot, but not technically Miss Robot Models.

Miss Robot 25.0.Edit

Poyo Ride and his friend still talked about TARS's school comics for a few months after TARS was cancelled. This led to a story about the 25th Miss Robot. She was a snowman made by Kirby and Miss Robot when Miss Robot flooded the school with snow, making her the only Miss Robot confirmed to not be made by the school. Miss Robot put a magical hat on the snowman bringing it to life as a Miss Robot model. According to Poyo Ride, she would most likely be white if she were made during the series.

Mr. RobotEdit

Mr. robot
Mr. Robot was a character made before the idea of Miss Robot models was a thing. He has a treadmill instead of a wheel, and has a mustache. Other than those features, he looks identical to Miss Robot. He is the crossing guard, and tells kiddies to go whenever there is traffic. The kiddies trust him and always get run over.

Mr. Robot is older than Miss Robot 2.0., and therefore, is actually older than the concept of Miss Robot models. His wiki page was created on November 9th, 2015, exactly a month after Miss Robot's wiki page was created.

Baby Miss RobotEdit

Baby miss robot
Miss Robot and Mr. Robot had a baby named Baby Miss Robot. They divorced two seconds later because they argued about the baby's gender, and after Mr. Robot left, the dick grew in, and Miss Robot had already named it Baby Miss Robot.

Baby Miss Robot 2.0.Edit

Baby Miss Robot's wiki page implies there is a Baby Miss Robot 2.0. It can be assumed that it is male, as the page states he is married to Baby Miss Robot, and says Baby Miss Robot is gay, though Poyo contradicts this by saying that was added before Baby Miss Robot was male.

Poorly Drawn Miss RobotEdit

Poorly drawn miss robo
Poorly Drawn Miss Robot is one of the poorly drawn four. She is a poorly drawn version of Miss Robot, and is hacked and ruins the plans. Notably, her right arm goes through her claw, and her wheel is shaped like a triangle.

Poyo Ride's Thoughts Edit

Poyo Ride thinks that, while some Miss Robots were funny, the Miss Robot models were a joke that went too far, and almost 25 was way too much. If the school comics ever get a reboot, it's unlikely new or classic models, barring 2.0. and the original, will appear as recurring characters.

Poyo Ride has said in his 10 BEST TARS Comics list that the five models featured in Comic 186 were some of the better ones, and he's glad they got featured in the comics. (11.0., 13.0., 22.0., 17.0., and 4.0.) He claimed he disliked Miss Robot 18.0., 19.0., 20.0., 15.0., and 10.0. The last of these was actually a model Poyo Ride really liked back when it was introduced, even being his wikia profile picture for a short time. In the list, Poyo said that 10.0. was too edgy, and 15.0. was a mess of a character who still hasn't had the picture featuring her released. (However, two weeks after being posted, the image featuring 15.0. was found on accident.)

Poyo Ride also said during the series that 14.0. was his favorite model in the series.

When skimming through old school comics on paper, one paper that came up was the "Top 18 Miss Robots as of 9-7-16". This listed Poyo Ride's favorite Miss Robot models of that date. (At the time, Miss Robot 18.0. was the latest model.) However, only eight were listed. In order from #1-#8, they were 1.0., 4.0., 14.0., 11.0., 2.0., 10.0, 3.0., and 16.0. Poyo Ride said that 4.0. was a good pick for second, as she was funny. Upon seeing 2.0. in the top five, Poyo Ride immedietly responded with a no, before taking it back and saying that Miss Robot 2.0. would've been better if she was used more often. When seeing 10.0. in 6th, he also responds with a no, claiming she sucked, further validating his mention. 

Unique Facts and FirstsEdit

This is a list of every model's unique traits and/or something they did first. 1.0. and 2.0. are not listed here and don't factor into any of these.

  • 3.0.: Oldest model not to appear in a comic.
  • 4.0.: The only model besides the first to physically appear in more than one comic. The only model to get a section in comic 186 that had already appeared in a previous comic.
  • 5.0.: The only model besides the original to have a quote on the original wiki.
  • 6.0.: The first Miss Robot to have more to her appearance than just the classic Miss Robot design. The first Miss Robot model to appear in a comic, sans 2.0.
  • 7.0.: ???
  • 8.0.: The first Miss Robot to have a wheel that was not the traditional black.
  • 9.0.: The first Miss Robot to use more than one body color.
  • 10.0.: The first and only Miss Robot to have limitations on how she could be hacked. (Miss Robot 8.0.'s hacking device does not count, since it was destroyed by Kirby.)
  • 11.0.: The only Miss Robot to appear in Comic 186 and not have a section reserved for her.
  • 12.0.: The only Miss Robot with a teaser. First Miss Robot to repeat body colors.
  • 13.0.: ???
  • 14.0.: The only Miss Robot to appear in a comic. The first Miss Robot to diverge from the original Miss Robot design. Only model to appear in a comic and a SMSB roster. 
  • 15.0.: Only Miss Robot with more than two eyes. The only Miss Robot who has a visible neck.
  • 16.0.: First Miss Robot to use only two body colors.
  • 17.0.: First model with a different colored outline. Only Miss Robot model to use the original's orange color. First Miss Robot who had the inside of her wheel colored in.
  • 18.0.: Only wave 2 Miss Robot to use a color that was not previously used.
  • 19.0.: ???
  • 20.0.: ???
  • 21.0.: Only Miss Robot where no official image has ever existed of her. The 15.0. image resurfaced and there's an image of 20.0. somewhere Poyo needs to find it.
  • 22.0.: First Miss Robot to repeat the color the last model used, technicolor ones aside. Only non white Miss Robot who has their eyes outlined on their official artwork.
  • 23.0.: ???
  • 24.0.: Only Miss Robot to actually have legs.
  • Mr. Robot: The only Miss Robot variation who had a reason to be at the school, he was the crossing guard.



Total: 1

Miss Robot 2.0. has appeared in 0.5% of the TARS comics.


Total: 2

4.0. has appeared in 1% of the TARS comics.


Total: 2 Comic 150: The Destruction of Ride School's remake does not factor into this total, as it is a remake and was released post-series.

6.0. has appeared in 1% of the TARS comics.


Total: 1

Miss Robot 11.0. has appeared in 0.5% of the TARS comics.


Total: 1

Miss Robot 13.0. has appeared in 0.5% of the TARS comics.


Total: 1

Miss Robot 14.0. has appeared in 0.5% of the TARS comics.


Total: 1

Miss Robot 17.0. has appeared in 0.5% of the TARS comics.


Total: 1

Miss Robot 22.0. has appeared in 0.5% of the TARS comics.

Every other model never got an appearance in a comic. Miss Robot 5.0. was mentioned in the remake of Comic 150: The Destruction of Ride School, though.



  • All Miss Robots spoke in fixedsys until midway through Comic 186. Poyo Ride says that the font does not fit into the quote bubbles nicely, unlike other fonts.
  • None of the models actually served any purpose in the school. They just hung around for no reason. 
  • If 9.0., 15.0., 25.0, and non numbered Miss Robots such as Mr. Robot are excluded, and blue and light blue considered seprate colors, the most common model color is yellow, being used by 5.0., 16.0., 19.0., and 24.0. Light blue and black are tied for second with 3 usages. Orange, Blue, Red, and White are in third, two usages each. Green, pink, and brown are tied for last with one usage each.
    • If Miss Robot 25.0. is counted, white is tied for second place as well.
  • Miss Robot 14.0. is the only Miss Robot to appear in a comic where Miss Robot was absent from.
  • It's unknown how many Miss Robots would've existed by June 2017 if the series had continued. Miss Robot 14.0. was made in September while 24.0. was made in November around a week before the series was cancelled. If the pace had continued at 10 Miss Robots every three months, there would likely be around thirty more models by the start of June, minimum being Miss Robot 54.0. We didn't need 54 fucking Miss Robots.