Miss Robot is a major character in TARS, appearing as one of the main characters in 2016.


Miss Robot is a robot that was built by the school, because according to Poyo Ride, one teacher had too many kids in her class. However, a website known as "" was opened up, allowing anybody in the school to hack her. This caused Miss Robot to go out of control, acting like a teacher version of Kirby. The only commands she does not respond to are commands such as "Teach the kids". These commands will make Miss Robot self destruct. Whenever a Miss Robot is destroyed, a new Miss Robot appears. There is an infinite amount of Miss Robot backups stored in the school. According to Poyo Ride, the memory is retained throughout each of the Miss Robots. According to one story, the hacking is so bad Miss Robot is hacked to hack herself. 

Originally, Miss Robot was destroyed by the kids. Whenever she did get hacked, it was a hacker accessing the school website. She was changed around the start of 2016. According to Poyo, she even said "WATER ALERT" when she was near water, while nowadays, she loves water, even though it makes her explode. Miss Robot was shifted to a character always being hacked around early 2016. She was one of the main benefiters from The 2016 character shuffle.

Around the end of 2015, the idea of "Miss Robot Models" was a thing. This was basically Miss Robot, but with a special trait. There were 24 Miss Robots made during TARS's lifespan. According to TARS A-Z, there was a 25th Miss Robot made after TARS by Poyo and his friend.


Miss Robot has a very basic design. Her head and body consist of two orange boxes. She also has two orange arms that look like claws. A recurring error in Miss Robot's design is the claws being smaller than usual. She also has a black wheel. Her eyes are commonly derped out and her mouth is a generic robot mouth that does not open. Sometimes, it forms a slight smile or frown. 

According to Poyo, his friend draws Miss Robot differently, the most notable difference being an antenna.

Comic AppearancesEdit

Comic 96: The Assassination of John F. Kennedy

Comic 117: Gambling Bets

Comic 123: 10 Ways Kirby Will End the World

Comic 131: Bring a Sibling to School Day

Comic 139: The Basketball Championship

Comic 140: Science Club

Comic 150: The Destruction of Ride School

Comic 170: Lockers

Comic 171: The Olympics

Comic 172: Kirby's Gift

Comic 173: Fun in Science

Comic 175: The Half Day of School

Comic 178: Kirby's For Hire: McDonalds

Comic 179: The Battle For Bunker Hill

Comic 186: Miss Robot Models

Comic 190: The Election

Comic 191: Stage Cons 5: Big Battlefield

Comic 199: The Art Contest

Total: 18

​Relationships with other CharactersEdit


Miss Robot and Kirby get along. They always team up to misbehave in the school.

Miss Robot 2.0.Edit

Miss Robot cannot stand Miss Robot 2.0.. She says that 2.0. is a ripoff of her and that jetpacks are overrated. They get into fistfights in the halls more often than all the kiddies combined.

Miss Robot 11.0.Edit

Miss Robot actually likes Miss Robot 11.0.'s songs. 11.0. is the only model Miss Robot likes

Mrs. AMPEdit

Miss Robot is hated by Mrs. AMP about as much as Kirby. Miss AMP used to think Miss Robot was a good idea.... then hacking Miss Robot became a thing. Mrs. AMP hates Miss Robot, as she commonly ditches her class to disrupt Mrs. AMP's classroom.


Miss Robot does not like Nurby as he reads books that are not Pictures of Miss Robot.

Impact on TARSEdit

Miss Robot was originally made in TARS, as one of the 15 teachers for the current school year.

She first appeared in Comic 96: The Assassination of John F. Kennedy, released on October 29, 2015, which was before the time Miss Robot dominated as a character.

She later reappeared in Comic 117: Gambling Bets 21 comics later, which may seem like quite a few comics, but not many of the teachers in TARS got many comic appearances.

She later appeared in Comic 123, and after Comic 139, she started to become one of the most recurring characters in the series, and Poyo Ride claims she was one of the most recurring characters in 2016.

Miss Robot had a 20 comic gap without appearances, due to summer vacation. After her return in Comic 170, she reached her prime, appearing in all comics in the 170's except for Comic 174: The Killing of HarambeComic 176: Picture Day, and Comic 177: TARS the Musical. After this, she started to decline in appearances until her final appearance in Comic 199, which was the final appearance for all the main school characters (Aside from Nurby)



  • Poyo Ride compares Miss Robot to a real life robot called Tay. Tay was an AI developed by Microsoft modelled to speak like a teen girl on twitter. She would learn things from other people on twitter and post things like what you said on twitter, basically learning. Guess what happened next. She starting posting things praising Hitler claiming Bush did 9-11, and stuff like that. It's like how Miss Robot gets hacked to do bad things to the school, even though she is supposed to teach the kids Reading and Language Arts Skills. So basically, Poyo Ride thinks Tay is the real life Miss Robot.
  • Miss Robot's calendar is way off. If you ask her for the date, she will say something like "January 42nd, 3017".
  • Starting with Comic 175, she spoke in the Fixedsys font. She is the first character to have a unique font for speaking, although this was intended with Papyrus, but the Papyrus font wasn't on Poyo's laptop. However, in comic 186, the other miss robots stopped using fixedsys midway through the comic. Poyo Ride says it's because that font is too big, and didn't fit into the quote bubbles.
  • Miss Robot has the third longest page on the original TARS wiki, and the second longest character page.
  • According to a comic made on paper, Miss Robot is colorblind to the color orange.
  • One of Poyo Ride's friends did not approve of TARS and wanted him to only make Granny Torrelli comics. Due to one of Miss Robot's appearances in a paper comic, he possibly thought the entire series revolved around robots, as he used the term "the comic with all the gay robots" or something like that to describe TARS at one point, according to Poyo Ride. Poyo Ride says that the comic he drew most likely did not involve Miss Robot Models and did not have any appearances from them.
  • Miss Robot wrote a book called Pictures of Miss Robot, which was a parody of the book Pictures of Hollis Woods. It featured pictures of Miss Robot doing things such as getting drunk, or streaking down the hallways.
    • It was the school yearbook one year, as nobody joined yearbook club except for Miss Robot.
  • Miss Robot has had a few jokes about her dick, despite the fact she is female and shouldn't have one, as well as being a robot created for educational purposes, therefore she should not have a dick. Dyna Blade has the same problem.

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