Mettaton is a character from Undertale, who was put into The Air Ride Series.


In TARS, Mettaton is a fierce contender for the most annoying character in the series. He was a tv show host who always popped up at the worst time. He always makes the other characters participate in his TV shows. A running gag in the series involves Mettaton going to jail at the end of the comic.


Mettaton is a self centered asshole TV host who only cares about his show. He will do anything for views, and has been sued multiple times for property damage. Nobody likes him and he is a constant annoyance. Many people featured on his show feature on it because they will get 1 million dollars. However, the money is either not given, Mettaton gives you "invisible money" or Mettaton Bucks, or the person featuring is killed, however, this does not work for Mettaton as they respawn in three seconds. A notable example is Dyna Blade in Comic 147.

Impact on TARSEdit

Mettaton was one of the three TARS characters to have a huge benefit from the shuffle. Unlike the others, Mettaton was added to TARS in 2016. Mettaton becoming a main character, and even having his own type of comic, hurt other character's appearance rates, and Mettaton was one of the most recurring characters in 2016, rivaled by the school characters and White Kirby.


  • Mettaton was the only main character introduced in 2016.

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