"Hi, i'm Mega Man. I've saved the world from Dr. Wily a bunch of times. Nice to meet you!
      —Mega Man

Mega Man is a recurring character in The Air Ride Series.


Mega Man hails from the Mega Man series of games, being the main protagonist. Like other characters, Mega Man was inserted into TARS way back in 2014, being one of the first main characters not to be from Kirby Air Ride, alongside Mewtwo.

Mega Man is a sharp contrast to the destructive, annoying, and mean spirited cast of characters, as he is one of the nicest and most respectful characters in the series. He is usually saving the world from evil. Not many people like him.

Mega Man was one of the various characters who had their appearances become nonexistant in 2016 due to The 2016 Character Shuffle.

Poyo's thoughts on the characterEdit

Poyo Ride says that Mega Man is one of the better TARS characters, as he is unique, due to most of the characters being destructive, annoying and mean spirited, as mentioned earlier.


  • Mega Man's facebook account was terminated. Poyo Ride believes that the most likely cause is that in one post, Mega Man mentioned being a robot, and Facebook didn't want any robots on their site, so they took down his facebook.
  • In TARS, Mega Man likes the 8 air ride kirbies, except Brown Kirby. The opposite is true in GKAR, where Mega Man is liked by all the kirbies except Brown Kirby
  • Mega Man, despite having Comic 12 revolving around introducing him, appeared in comics before that.

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