MS Paint example2

MS Paint in use.

Microsoft Paint, also known as MS Paint, is a painting software on windows that was used to make a majority of the TARS comics, with the exceptions being some of the last few comics. Comics 1-142 and 175-176 were made on an older version of MS Paint, while recent comics are made on the modern version.

MS Paint is generally seen as an unprofessional painting software. It was Poyo's only option, because his computer was shit. Kidsy128 was mainly the one responsible for getting Poyo Ride to change as soon as he got a new computer. Irionically, comic quality dropped with the new software, as Poyo Ride had to get used to it.


  • Microsoft Paint comes preinstalled on modern windows computers, but Poyo Ride did not know about this (and even tried downloading it) until after Comic 142.
  • The colors for Purple Kirby and Brown Kirby do not show up on the default color palette. Purple Kirby usually gets his color made using the "edit colors" option. However, Brown Kirby has used the deep red default color (color of Red Kirby's feet) for his main color several times, as Poyo Ride thought that was brown. This has resulted in some colorings of Brown Kirby where he has a slight deep red coloring. This is more of a problem in older comics because Poyo Ride figured out his error and in modern MS paint, the deep red color is altered so it looks more like red than Brown.