Kirby (Also known as Kerbi) is a major character in The Air Ride Series, being the main character in school comics.


Kirby is an idiot who is always causing trouble in the school. He's always being disruptive in Mrs. AMP's class.


Kirby probably has one of the most extensive histories out of any TARS character.

Kirby was originally added into The Air Ride Series a few weeks after the wiki opened up. He came into being when Poyo Ride, playing as Blue Kirby, pushed a star towards a pink kirby CPU. Poyo wanted to make this a TARS story, but didn't want to use the already existing Pink Kirby, so there were two Pink Kirbies added into TARS, the male Pink Kirby and the female pink kirby. The male Pink Kirby ended up getting a facebook, though it was changed into a Ridley facebook. 

The male Pink Kirby was a hero who saved the world, and was irionically the opposite of Kirby. The male Pink Kirby debuted in Comic 30.

Around very early 2016, Kirby's personality took a very different turn. In January, Comic 123 was released, marking the first appearance of the modern TARS Kirby. Kirby was changed from a hero to an incorrigible student who always ruined everything. This new personality change made Kirby change from an obscure and rare character to one of the main characters, being one of the main benefiters from The 2016 character shuffle.

When TARS ended and a new series based on the school comics emerged, Kirby recieved a massive change, more so than Mrs. AMP and Miss Robot. Kirby was changed into a human, as in ACAM, Kirby was out of place with all the other kirbys gone. His name was also changed to "Kerbi".


Trivia Edit

As demonstrated by the two videos where Poyo Ride rereads old paper comics, Poyo Ride's ability to do Kirby's voice in this series seems to have significantly deteriorated.