King K. Rool is a character in The Air Ride Series. Originally from the Donkey Kong series, he was put into TARS because Poyo Ride wanted him to be included in Super Smash Bros 4.


King K. Rool had multiple personalities in TARS. He was a food theif, had several ID's, but his most used trait was his want to be in Smash Bros. K. Rool had some time in the spotlight in late 2015-early 2016, but The 2016 character shuffle hurt his appearances drastically.


King K. Rool's prime was in October 2015-December 2015, in which he became one of the most common characters out of nowhere. After Miss Robot and Kirby started to rise as main characters, King K. Rool disappeared from the main cast after Comic 129, although he made a minor appearance in Comic 145, and a surprise appearance in Comic 174. 


TOTAL: 12 (Comic 64 not counted)

King K. Rool has appeared in 6% of the comics.


  • According to Poyo Ride, King K. Rool's canon TARS voice is his voice in the Donkey Kong cartoon. [1]
  • Poyo Ride's favorite King K. Rool appearance was in Comic 174, as not only does he appear after basically being written out of the series, him killing Harambe also makes sense, due to his rivalry with the kongs.
    • Poyo says that Comic 200 should have ended with King K. Rool killing Mettaton, as not only does Mettaton EX look like Bayonetta, Mettaton became a main character after K. Rool disappeared, effectively replacing K. Rool.
  • Similarly to Mega Man, King K. Rool made his first appearance before the comic that introduced him.