King Bob-omb is a character in The Air Ride Series, being a minor character who appeared in two comics.


King Bob-omb is a heavy drug addict. He is always doing drugs on top of his mountain. According to the old wiki, he hates being called King Bob-omb, and perfers Big Bob-omb. He also regulary steals drugs from the residents of Crappy Town.

Comic rolesEdit

In Comic 42, King Bob-omb makes his first appearance, where he complains about King Boo being a boss. King Bob-omb fights White Kirby in Comic 151. In the middle of the battle, Dyna Blade finds out King Bob-omb has stolen her drugs, and defeats him. After White Kirby asks for his star, King Bob-omb says that instead of giving you a star for beating him, he gives out drugs. White Kirby then quits the game and goes to play Kirby Air Ride.



Some of the vandalism on the King Bob-omb page. Yes I recorded with my 3ds.

King Bob-omb is the first boss of Super Mario 64. (Unless you do the chain chomp star first). He fights you at the top of his mountain and you defeat him by picking him up and throwing him three times, provided you don't throw him off of said mountain. When defeated, he gives you a star. Unlike in TARS, King Bob-omb is not a drug addict. Originally, he was known as Big Bob-omb.

His drug addiction was inspired by a time when Poyo Ride vandalized the Mario wiki. He edited King Bob-omb's page and made it involve drugs. 

Poyo's current thoughts on the characterEdit

Poyo Ride likes King Bob-omb and considers him to be better than most of the main characters. He is the only character in TARS to have drug addiction as his main trait. Characters like Miss Robot, Dyna Blade, and Kirby also were some of TARS's biggest drug users, but drug addiction wasn't their main trait. Poyo Ride says he should have made King Bob-omb a new main character, as 2016 introduced very few main characters compared to the previous years, only introducing one main character.