"You cannot exile me from the wiki. That would be like exiling the best user on the wiki away. Also, i never do something that's shit. I helped this wiki grow and become more popular. Heck, the reason GreenKirby121098 came back might have been because of me. "


A picture of some white thing holding milk. This image is commonly used to represent Kidsy.

(AKA Nimble Bubble) is a user who has been editing the GKAR, TARS, & ARA wikis since 2015, and currently owns ARA. According to Poyo Ride, he acts like he owns the series, changing the personalities of characters, and basically pretending the rules of the wiki don't exist.

Kidsy128 joined the GKAR wiki on May 29, 2015, and did not make a good first impression, marking a page for deletion for no reason. He did this because FNAF was the worst series ever. 2015 GKAR was basically Poyo Ride and Kidsy roaming around, with Kidsy making new characters and editing characters. One example is the Meta Knight unmasked picture. GK121098 made Meta Knight's picture have Wario's face instead of the mask, but Kidsy128 uploaded an image of the real unmasked Meta Knight.

Greenkirby121098 hated Kidsy, and Kidsy was banned on January 1, 2016. Kidsy moved to the TARS wiki. He did the usual stuff, but when TARS was cancelled, he moved to the ARA wiki. He was banned numerous times, but later was unbanned, and was given the series, due to Poyo Ride losing intrest.



Kidsy128 being Kidsy128 on the discord.

Kidsy128 made a discord for TARS in August 2016, and Poyo Ride became a regular in October of that year. According to Poyo Ride, Kidsy128 indirectly caused the cancellation of TARS, as Poyo says the TARS chat criticism of TARS made Poyo Ride want to start over.

Kidsy128 was infamous in the server for being "the worst owner ever". Reasons include: Making several people admin minutes after joining, misuse of @everyone, begging for people to voice act for him, making useless channels, banning inactives for other people not marrying him with Miki, and lots more. One thing that became well known was Kidsy telling everyone to "Solve the ARG". The ARG was some puzzle thing Kidsy shoved down everyone's throats.



"I wanna lower my advertising percentage down."

Kidsy128 is basically the most desprate advertiser in the history of the universe. Kidsy spammed a wings of fire fanon wiki with links to both the TARS and GKAR wikis. Poyo claims the TARS one was more severe, and got into a conversation with the wiki members. Kidsy apparently put links to the TARS wiki 30+ times. Poyo would be fine if it was 1, but 30 is too much.

He also spammed the KAR modoki server with links to ARA chat. He didn't send one link to the person, he sent like 30 links in the same message. Poyo says that decreased the chances of him getting people on. 

Opinions on characters

These were from early 2016 and from this image [1]

Dyna Blade

Kidsy128 dislikes Dyna Blade

White Kirby

Kidsy mentions liking White Kirby, due to the fact White Kirby is bland.

Miss Robot

Says Miss Robot gets too many appearances.


Kidsy128 seems to like Darkrai, saying he would love to see Darkrai again.

Mrs. AMP

Kidsy128 seems to hate Mrs. AMP. Possibly one of his most hated characters, as Dyna Blade and Dr. Mario were listed as a dislike, which is a lighter term for hate. Also to note is the hate being in all caps. There is no specified reason as to why Kidsy128 hates Mrs. AMP.



"You still need grammar on Discord!"


  • In May 2017, Kidsy denied the ARG existing.
  • Tornado
    One of kidsy128's edits on HS09 Trash's page has become one of Kidsy's most famous edits, due to that unlike most of the other kidsy edits, where he didn't mean that much harm to the page, Kidsy basically destroyed the page by shuffling around all the text. When confronted, Kidsy said that Purple Kirby vandalized the page. He later admitted to doing it, but justified his actions, saying it was a shitpost, and that is somehow different than vandalism.
    • It could be possible that this was a part of Kidsy's ARG, and he intended to go as Purple Kirby and vandalize many pages until the ARG was solved, but that didn't happen.

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