"Dear lord do I hate this bitch. She's a merciless fanny to poor Rosie, and it just pisses me off. Yes, I know she's the main villain, but…… uggggh… I just want to stick her head in a blender. >:I"
      —Criticism to Granny Torrelli.

Granny Torrelli is the main villain of the Granny Torrelli Series.


Granny torrelli throughout the years.
In the original Granny Torrelli Makes Soup book, Granny Torrelli was the grandmother of Rosie, the main character, and tries to help Rosie deal with problems with her best friend, Bailey. However, Poyo Ride and one of his friends decided to make a twisted version of the book. In this version, Granny Torrelli was evil and liked to blow things up. Rosie always said "NO GRANNY" whenever Granny was doing things that were bad.

One example of the twisted GT series was the death of Pardo. In the book, Granny moved to the U.S. from some other country, (I think it was Italy) leaving behind her friend, Pardo. Pardo gets hit by a train after his dog wanders onto the tracks. In the GT series, Granny Torrelli is the one who drove the train. The train was actually the train from the movie The Polar Express. Granny Torrelli stole the train and it is one of her main modes of transportation. Also, the dog Pardo had that wandered onto the tracks in the book was on the train, and Pardo was chasing after a cat disguised as his dog.


  • Granny Torrelli is absent from a few Granny Torrelli comics, but it is implied she is still the cause of the events happening, and is mentioned in both comics.