"Did anyone actually read the air ride group posts in 2014 lol. Uh if you did comment the cringiest one."
      —Shadow Star during 2017.

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Facebook is a social media site founded by Mark Zuckerburg in 2004. In 2014, many TARS characters gained a Facebook account. They often posted about various things, and were also a group known as "The Air Ride Group".  They even got their own wiki in June 2014. (Hence why the original wiki is known as "The Air Ride Group wiki.") Facebook was the beginning stage of TARS. Most characters had slight alterations to their names, such as Whitee Kirby or Shadoww Starr to bypass the name policy.

Dyna Blade's Facebook was one of the most popular, having over 400 friends at one point, while other TARS facebooks usually only had under 100 friends. She was also the most active in 2015/2016. Her mom was the only other 2014 facebook active during this time. In 2017, due to the fact Poyo Ride forgot the email to that account, he used the Shadow Star account as his main facebook, and has made a few posts on it. He has since remembered the password to Dyna Blade's account and has continued to use that as his main account, but he has since been continiously breaking character.

On December 15, 2014, White Kirby's Facebook account was deleted. Poyo Ride thinks it was either because Facebook linked him with the other accounts, detected Whitee Kirby was a false name, or it was because of the raid on Woodfire Kirby's. Despite the fact Orange Kirby was terminated before, White Kirby was the leader of The Air Ride Group, so all the facebooks panicked. This started a "move to twitter" that didn't fully finish. This marked the end of the facebook era.

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Italic=Facebook changed to be another character.




  • GreenKirby121098's girlfriend found the various facebooks and asked him what the hell they were. GreenKirby121098 later deleted all the facebooks from his friend list, except a few, such as the Shadow Star.


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