—Dyna Blade

Dyna Blade is a major character in The Air Ride Series.

Character HistoryEdit

Dyna Blade was the very first character made for TARS. She had a facebook account created on January 3, 2014. Dyna Blade's Facebook was one of, if not the most active facebooks. 

Dyna Blade is one of two characters to appear in TARS, ARA, and KWA, the other being the Shadow Star.


Dyna Blade is a giant bird who is always yelling at everything. She likes to trample things. Her catchphrase is "SQUWAK" (TARS) "SQUAWK" (ARA/KWA/MWOR).

Poyo's Current Thoughts on the characterEdit

Dyna Blade is currently Poyo Ride's favorite TARS character, taking the place after TARS ended. Dyna Blade was one of the classic TARS characters, and was one of the only characters not to be affected by 2016's character boom, possibly the only one unaffected by the character boom, still maintaining consistent appearances, even sometimes being a replacement for Kirby in school comics. Poyo Ride also found her to be one of the funniest characters.

Poyo Ride's liking of Dyna Blade can be seen as Dyna Blade is one of two TARS characters to appear in ARA and KWA with the same personality, and has also returned in both TARS remakes and Magical World of Randomness.



  • In TARS, Dyna Blade said her catchphrase, "SQUAWK", as "SQUWAK", which is not the correct spelling.
    • In early facebook posts, she said it as "SQUAK".
  • Dyna Blade appeared in 55 comics, meaning about 1/4 of TARS comics featured Dyna Blade.
  • Dyna Blade has had a few jokes about her dick, despite the fact she is female and shouldn't have one. Miss Robot has the same problem.
    • In one flipnote, Dyna Blade says "SQUWAK, THIS IS MY PENIS, AND THIS IS MY DICK!", despite the fact the penis and the dick are the same exact thing, and that Dyna Blade should not have one.
    • In a deviantart post on September 22nd, 2017, Poyo Ride claimed Dyna Blade was born a man, and Brown Kirby ate her penis. She went to get a new one, but the surgeons messed up, and gave her a vagina instead.


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