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Deviantart is a website that allows users to post their wonderful pieces of art. As there is tons of cringe on the site, all 200 TARS comics and the first 12 ARA comics were posted on the website.

Comics taken downEdit

After TARS was cancelled, several comics were taken down from the site.

Comic Reason it was taken down
Comic 19: Tom Nook Tom Nook's loan price
Comic 21: 9-11 The comic revolving around 9-11.
Dogs 3: 9-11 The comic revolving around 9-11.
Comic 79: The Big Bang Theory God's appearance.
Comic 82: New Twin Towers The comic foreshadowing that 9-11 would happen in the next comic.
Comic 83: How 9-11 Actually Happened The comic revolving around 9-11.
Comic 108: The Paris Attacks The comic revolving around the 2015 Paris attacks.

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