Darkrai is a character from The Air Ride Series.


Like 2/3 of the TARS cast, Darkrai was a bland character. He gave people nightmares or something. He used to be a pretty big character in 2014 but he lost popularity in 2015 and rarely appeared in comics. His first comic appearance was in Comic 41, and he later appeared in Comic 164 and Comic 165.

Poyo's current thoughts on the characterEdit

Poyo Ride says that Darkrai was bland and not really that great of a character, but of the original three Pokemon, he is Poyo's favorite, as Lucario Sinnoh makes Poyo cringe and Mewtwo took Brown Kirby's appearances. Of the original three facebook Pokemon, Darkrai is the only one who did not appear in the Top 10 Worst TARS Characters.


  • When Darkrai was one of the main Pokemon in TARS back in 2014, Poyo Ride liked Darkrai less than he does now. Poyo Ride says Darkrai was around the bottom of his top 20 favorite Pokemon, while Lucario and Mewtwo were his top two favorite Pokemon in 2014.
  • Darkrai was originally going to be a boss in SMSB, but was changed to be a character due to being a character who appeared every so often.
  • Darkrai's birthday in TARS was also Poyo Ride's birthday.