Crappy Town

Crappy Town artwork from October 2015.

Crappy Town is the location in which The Air Ride Series takes place. Most, if not all of the characters live in Crappy Town. It used to be located in a kingdom, though due to the residents interfering with the princess's crush, it was moved.


In 1867, Crappy Town was founded by a group of kirbies, replacing a town destroyed by the American Civil War. The town has went to shit due to various characters, most notably Dyna Blade, Mettaton, Ridley, and Miss Robot. Crappy Town was destroyed by Zygarde after he found out Pokemon Z was not happening.


Crappy Town is hell on Earth. It is common for buildings to burn and things to blow up. Poyo Ride has said quite a few of the population would be in jail if they did the exact same things in the real world. Some residents are very retarded, such as Dyna Blade's Mom breaking technology and Miss Robot doing her daily routine. Mettaton is also notorious for dragging people into his quiz shows.


  • Crappy Town gets its name from the setting of Kirby: Right Back at Ya, known as Cappy Town. Poyo Ride added an R into the name and used it as the name for the setting of TARS.