"Dyna Blade has a low IQ, its about -666. Todays panel recordbreaking comic involves Dyna Blade and her math worksheet."
      —Deviantart Description.

Comic 95 math worksheet by poyoride-d9eln5q
Math Worksheet is the 95th TARS Comic.


Dyna Blade is having tons of trouble on her math worksheet. She decides to light it on fire, and show it to Mrs. AMP. Mrs. AMP swears if Dyna Blade lights the school on fire with her woksheet... before Dyna Blade misinterprets it as Mrs. AMP telling her to light the school on fire, and burns down the school. When confronted by the principal, Dyna Blade passes all the blame to Mrs. AMP.


  • Dyna Blade
  • Mrs. AMP
  • Mr. Mathsuks
  • White Kirby (Original)
  • Mewtwo (Original)
  • Mr. Ridaire
  • Miss Robot (Remake)
  • Poyo Ride (Remake)


Comic 95 Justice
This comic was remade on August 16th, 2017, because it was one of Poyo Ride's favorite comics. This is the third 2017 remake, after Comic 85: Zygarde Takes Steroids and Comic 143: Dense Fog.


The usual dialogue and image changes. Mr. Mathsuks's classroom is no longer blue.

Dyna Blade uses a lighter, and not matches.

White Kirby and Mewtwo are absent.

The troll face is absent.

The worksheet on fire is handdrawn.

Dyna Blade uses her lighter to light the school on fire, not the paper.

Mrs. AMP says something when Dyna Blade is about to light the school on fire.

The school is no longer handdrawn, though it was intended to be.

Bonus panels featuring Miss Robot.


  • Comic 95, ft, Miss Robot

    Comic 95, with the Miss Robot bonus panels.

    This comic is the only comic to use Dyna Blade in place of Kirby.
  • This is one of the various comics to appear in Comic 101: Comic Memories.