Comic 202
The Magnetic Field Wiki is a bonus comic made on October 25, 2017, for the two year anniversary of the comic notebook being taken. It is a remake of a comic in the Comic Notebook Poyo Ride lost in 2015.



  • Mfw

    The latest revision of the MFW page. Not pictured: The "Canadates for Deletion" category.

    There was a wiki page for the MFW that was since deleted since the comic was "gone forever". It helped a lot for the comic's remake. 
    • MFW0

      The Magnetic Field Wiki from the actual comic.

      The images that are shown on that deleted revision still exist on the original wiki, and they lead to actual images from the original Magnetic Field Wiki comic.
  • The MFW's wiki page was created on October 13, 2015, and according to Poyo Ride, the MFW wiki comic was near the back of the notebook, heavily implying it was one of the later comics made in the spiral.
  • This comic is made to be more like a 2015 comic than a 2016 school comic, using characters like White Kirby instead of Kirby, and Mrs. AMP being much closer to her original personality.
  • The Shadow Star's essay reads "Why did you translate this? Go outside."
  • It's never specified who wrote Mrs. AMP's page or the first essay, though Poyo Ride claims it was White Kirby.
  • The Magnetic Field Wiki actually existed for a brief period of time. [1] It has since been deleted.