Comic 202
The Magnetic Field Wiki is a TARS comic made on October 25, 2017, for the two year anniversary of the comic notebook being taken. It is a remake of a comic in the Comic Notebook Poyo Ride lost in 2015.


  • It had a wiki page that was deleted since the comic was "gone forever". It helped a lot for the comic's remake.
  • This comic is made to be more like a 2015 comic than a 2016 school comic, using characters like White Kirby instead of Kirby, and Mrs. AMP being much closer to her original personality.
  • The Shadow Star's essay reads "Why did you translate this? Go outside."
  • It's never specified who wrote Mrs. AMP's page or the first essay, though Poyo Ride claims it was White Kirby.
  • The Magnetic Field Wiki actually exists. [1]