15 Funny Scenes. The one shown from Comic 84 wasn't even meant to be funny lol, it was more meant to be "awesome and cool."

At least the Light the Skool on Fire joke still got in.
      —Poyo Ride post series.
Comic Memories is the 101st comic in The Air Ride Series. It is the second part of the 100 Comic Celebration. This comic features various panels and crops from the first 96 comics.

Scenes IncludedEdit

  • Comic 68: Dyna Blade pissing in the pool.
  • Comic 74: Yellow Kirby trying to shoot Red Kirby, who has snuck a shield into the event.
  • Comic 30: White Kirby flipping off King Dedede, while Blue Kirby has Dedede's underwear.
  • Comic 89: Ho-oh calling GameFreak.
  • Comic 95: Dyna Blade's "LIGHT THE SKOOL ON FIRE?" scene.
  • Comic 84: The "art" side of the comic.
  • Comic 80: A closeup of White Kirby on the Titanic.
  • Comic 71: White Kirby and Red Kirby piloting the tower that squashed Purple Kirby.
  • Comic 9: White Kirby having found all three pieces atop the Garden in the Sky.
  • Comic 96: Eisenhower ready to become the president once more.
  • Comic 27: The majority of the comic.
  • Comic 46: White Kirby having pulled off the Bulk Star Glitch
  • Comic 83: Metal Man flying the plane.
  • Comic 61: The matchmaking lobby.
  • Comic 1: The first appearance of Dyna Blade.


COD LobbyEdit