Brown Kirby is a character in The Air Ride Series and Air Ride Adventures.


Brown Kirby is an evil kirby, who liked blowing stuff up. Poyo Ride says he didn't use Brown enough, and usually opted to use Mewtwo instead.


Brown Kirby,

Brown's cape and wings design.

Brown Kirby has a different appearance than most of the TARS kirbies, as he has wings. Poyo Ride says they once were able to become a cape, but that was scrapped. He also does not have the same colors he does in Kirby Air Ride, having his body be fully brown instead of having lighter feet.


Brown Kirby was one of three kirbies brought back for Air Ride Adventures. Poyo Ride once considered making him the Purple Kirby of the series, but kept him as Brown.



  • Brown Kirby is the second most prominent TARS kirby in Green Kirby Air Ride, behind White Kirby
  • Brown's iconic 2014 artwork was made by editing Meta Knight's official SSB4 artwork to make it Brown Kirby.
  • Brown Kirby had his 2014 artwork shown in his infobox in 2016, making him possibly the only character to do this.
  • Poyo Ride says his favorite art out of any of the art given to the eight kirbies of TARS was Brown's second ARA artwork, shown in the infobox.
  • Brown Kirby never appeared in Comic 200: Mettaton: The Final Battle! during the scene where all the other Air Ride kirbies, including the two removed ones, attacked Mettaton.