Blue Kirby is a major character in The Air Ride Series, also appearing in Air Ride Adventures.


Blue Kirby is constantly taking pieces from White Kirby. While the word taking was commonly used, he is not actually taking the pieces. He is basically just finding them. White Kirby and Blue Kirby have a big rivalry because of this.

Blue Kirby returned in Air Ride Adventures, and now is a basic thief, and doesn't just steal pieces, similar to Golden Kirby from TARS.


At one point in TARS, Blue Kirby was given a tragic backstory, being one of two TARS characters to have this trait. Poyo Ride cringes at the backstory, and has confirmed it is not canon.

Blue Kirby apparently had few friends, but sat at the same table as Yellow Kirby one day and they became friends. They later sat at the same table as White Kirby and Red Kirby. Blue Kirby got into an argument with White Kirby, as they were the two fastest runners in the school, and argued about who was the better runner. His parents didn't like him very much and tried to force him to do college, which they didn't do to his sister. He now has a successful life and lives in the electric lounge.



Sapphire Kirby pallete swap.

Blue Kirby was a playable character in every SMSB version.

In the first version, he was a semi clone of White Kirby. They shared a netural special and an up special.

In the second version, Blue Kirby acts much differently from other kirbies, as he fights on the Shadow Star. He sometimes gets off for some attacks, and has some copy abilities at his disposal. He is 12th on the tier list. This trait was removed later on.

He had a sapphire kirby palette swap.


Version 2 (Shadow Star)Edit

  • Netural Special-Quick Spin:The Shadow Star does a quick spin.
  • Side Special-Fireworks:Blue Kirby launches fireworks with a firework cannon from kirby air ride
  • Up Special-Glide:Blue Kirby starts gliding. He can glide horizantally or vertacially.
  • Down Special-Sword:Blue Kirby uses the sword ability from Kirby Air Ride.
  • Up Smash-Tornado:Blue Kirby does a quick spin with tornado.
  • Down Smash-Freeze:Blue Kirby uses the Freeze/Ice ability from Kirby Air Ride.
  • Side Smash-Plasma:Blue Kirby uses the Plasma ability from Kirby Air Ride. It is chargeable.
  • Forward Tilt-Fire:Blue Kirby uses the Fire ability from Kirby Air Ride
  • Up Tilt-Needle:Blue Kirby uses the Needle ability.

Version 2 and 3Edit

  • Netural Attack-Blue punches the foe. Punches repeadaly if used rapidly. 2% each hit
  • Forward Tilt-Blue holds his leg forward. 5%
  • Up Tilt-Blue swings his arm from the right to the left upwards.
  • Down Tilt-Blue gets on the Shadow Star and quick spins.
  • In all versions, his final smash is Monster Flame Blue Kirby, which works like the Monster Flame super ability from Kirby's Return to Dream Land.

Project G.K.A.R.S.Edit

Blue Kirby was an unlockable 3rd party character in GreenKirby121098s wiki project, Project G.K.A.R.S. He will be unlocked by playing 300 VS Matches, or clearing Classic mode with 10 characters. This is the exact same methiod you unlock Sonic with in SSBB, and since White Kirby, the other 3rd party character, uses extremely similar unlock methiods to Snake, its likely he is a homage to Sonic in SSBB.

Problem LandEdit

In Poyo Ride's Math Spiral, Blue Kirby was completely out of character and opened a math themed amusement park known as Problem Land. He pretended to love math, but he actually didn't. Yellow Kirby debunked many of Blue Kirby's claims.

Alternate FormEdit


"Who is this new Blue Kirby form?"
      —Poyo Ride

On August 25, 2015, an image was posted on Poyo Rides twitter, showing an image of Blue Kirby with a hat that is  Blue's new form one of the pieces, as well as two arms which are the other two Hydra Pieces, as well as a tail that is the Dragoon. This is a new form of Blue Kirby, though it is not known what it will be. It was something for TARS X.

"You guys know that blue kirby form I tweeted about a year ago. That's not happening. Blue kirby just smoked a lot of pot"
      —Poyo Ride over a year after the form was revealed.

Over a year later, on August 28, 2016, Poyo Ride said it would not be a thing, and said Blue Kirby just smoked a lot of pot.

Poyo's current thoughts on the characterEdit

Poyo Ride considers Blue Kirby to be a decent TARS Character. While he has the most unique personality out of the main 4 kirbies, it isn't the most developed personality in the world.


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Total: 79

Blue Kirby has appeared in 39.5% of all comics.



  • Blue Kirby is drowning in Comic 1, 27, and 68. However, in Comic 66, it is shown that Kirbys cannot drown. It doesn't appear that Blue Kirby has a swimming disorder that lets him drown, as in Comic 66, he is swimming just fine.
    • Poyo Ride often jokes about this.
  • There are three explanations as to what happens when Blue Kirby gets all three pieces.
    • According to comic 201, Blue Kirby transforms into Rick Astley when he gets all three pieces.
    • An old wiki page says that when Blue Kirby formed the Hydra, he didn't know how to use it and ditched it.
    • Blue Kirby turns into the new form mentioned earlier.
      • As the first one was an April Fools joke and the third one was confirmed to be cut from the series, the second one is most likely the true one, despite being the oldest explanation.
  • Blue Kirby's SMSB artwork started a trend in his artwork where he points his hand left.
    • Most of his ARA artwork also has a trend, showing him airborne.
  • Poyo Ride once gave Blue Kirby a tragic backstory because I dunno.
  • According to Poyo Ride, Blue Kirby might have had the longest page on the TARS wiki during October 2014, with an edit on the 1st having more bytes than an edit on White Kirby's page a day earlier.
  • The top quote on Blue Kirby's page on the TARS wiki was there since October 2014.
  • Blue Kirby was the last of the main four kirbies to appear in full.
  • Blue Kirby uses imported images much more often than the other Kirbies. He even uses them in his first on screen appearance and last on screen appearance.
  • According to the backstory, he lives at the electric lounge.