Antasma is a character in The Air Ride Series.


Antasma, like every villain in TARS, is a generic bad guy. He is essentialy a carbon copy of Darkrai, as he gives people nightmares.

Antasma was planned to have a trilogy of comics known as the Antasma Trilogy. Despite the name, it was not actually going to be a trilogy, likely being 10+ comics long, because Poyo Ride doesn't know what a trilogy is. Only two Antasma Trilogy comics were made, Comic 11 and Comic 38. Poyo Ride considered the gap between 11 and 38 to be an abnormal gap, implying Antasma Trilogy comics were going to be much more common than they were. After Comic 38, the Antasma Trilogy was forgotten about.

Poyo's current thoughts on the characterEdit

Poyo Ride does not like Antasma, considering him the seventh worst character in the series. Poyo Ride does not like Antasma because how he tried to hog the TARS spotlight with his "trilogy". Also, as mentioned earlier, he is a carbon copy of Darkrai. However, unlike Mewtwo, Antasma is not copying a character who is actually related to air ride, and the two got an equal amount of appearances, so this is less severe.


  • Antasma, Mettaton, and Sans are the only three characters (Aside from all the original characters and all the kirbies) that actually have artwork drawn by Poyo Ride instead of game artwork pulled from Google Images.
  • There was a comic planned in the early comic era where the kirbies fight Antasma X. It was postponed because Poyo Ride wanted to save it for a while, because it did not fit as an early comic, though as Antasma faded away from TARS, so did the comic.
  • Despite being a 2015 character, Antasma was not added into SMSB until the 2016 roster. During the 2015 roster's lifespan, Antasma was made a boss.
  • Antasma made a cameo in Comic 172, humorously being located in the dump, due to his appearance in Comic 2: The Lighthouse.
  • Antasma is one of two characters to have a black square around him in a comic. The black square is caused when a transparent image is imported into MS Paint. For whatever reason, it was never removed.
    • Ironically, the only other character to have this happen is Darkrai, who Antasma is identical to.