The animatronics are a group of very similar characters, all originating from the Five Nights at Freddy's Series. They were active characters almost exclusively throughout 2015. Most of the FNAF characters in TARS were very bland and unoriginal. There's usually one minor trait making them "different" characters.

Poyo Ride considers them some of TARS's worst characters. 2015 Poyo Ride seemed to like these characters.

List of AnimatronicsEdit

Freddy FazbearEdit


Freddy Fazbear singing his awful songs.

Freddy is the main animatronic in the series, with Poyo Ride considering him one of the series's "main" characters. Freddy Fazbear owns the pizza place, and usually appears during power outages.


Foxy is another animatronic who is basically the same as all the other animatronics. All he does is bite people.

On November 15, 2016, Poyo Ride deleted the contents of Foxy's page with a notice saying Foxy was going to be rewitten. TARS was cancelled before this happened. As a result of this Foxy has the shortest page out of all the TARS characters.

The PuppetEdit

Like the previous two animatronics, The Puppet is also a bland and generic character. His unique trait is that he gets angry when the music box isn't wound up.


Black freddy
While he had a facebook, he didn't have an explored personality except for the fact he came out of a dream.


Also had a facebook, but no personality. His page is not even up on the wiki.

Original AnimatronicsEdit


Chica is different from most of the animatronics. However, she is copied from Garrett Williamson's How to make FNAF not scary video.

Funtime FreddyEdit

Funtime Freddy is Poyo Ride's favorite TARS animatronic. He was actually made in 2016. FF was a parody of how Funtime Freddy's voice in Sister Location was basically Freddy but high. TARS FF screamed about everything.