Kirby air ride swimming featuring no violence rated m for I want my money back lol why is this so long i dunno white kirby for smash 57

Joke art made for the game in 2017.

Air Ride Swimming Battle (also known as Air Ride Swimming) is a game invented by Poyo Ride based around The Air Ride Series.

Poyo Ride often jokes about the game, as there is a disclaimer at both the end of the instructions and at one of Purple Kirby's attacks telling people not to get too violent in the game, despite the fact nobody read the TARS wiki. 

How to Play Edit

Each Player has a "Starting Location." You can pick it, and do not forget it. Make all players spread out. Before going to a starting location, choose which character you are. When everyone is at their starting location, the game begins. You attack people with your characters movepool, consisting of an overwater move, used overwater, and an underwater move, used underwater. Each character has 5 HP points, if hit by an attack, you lose one. If you lose all of them, go back to your starting location. You may set the lives. When someone loses 5 HP, they lose a life. If all of them are lost, you are out.



Purple Kirby Edit

Purple is focused on his underwater attack.

Overwater: Purple does a small punch, no splash damage.

Underwater: Purple repeadaly does some punches and kicks.

Red Kirby Edit

Red is the opposite of purple. He focuses on his overwater attacks.

Overwater attack: Red slams the water, doing splash damage.

Underwater: A simple punch

White Kirby Edit

Overwater: Punches, has splash damage.

Underwater: Kicks the foe.

Mewtwo Edit

Overwater: Mewtwo does something like in a photo, splash damage.

Underwater: Same thing, no splash damage.

Mega Man Edit

Overwater: Mega Man shoots his water gun, he can squirt it all out in a line, or do one at a time.

Underwater: Mega Man hits the foe with his water gun.

A water gun was required for Mega Man.

Aqua Kirby Edit

Overwater: Repeadialy slashes with his hand, high splash damage.


  • The artwork references how Blue Kirby has drowned in two comics despite Comic 66: If the Primals Took Over confirming kirbies can't drown in the TARS universe.
    • It also mentions said comic and confirms that kirbies being immune to drowning was created solely for that comic.
  • The text saying "youre" in the art is intentional, due to that being used instead of "your" several times in TARS.

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